A slew of updates!!

Quick Updates from the summer:

Was thrilled to shoot/record for episodes on High Maintenance, The Other Two, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and more!

I’m starring in a 4 part series for “The Truth” podcast (movies for your ears) alongside Peter Grosz, set to come out in October. It’s a great script and I’m really excited about it!

Los Profesores is heading to LA in October to do our show there! If you’re in LA October 18, come by UCB Franklin at 8 PM and see us do our crazy thing!!

(If you’re in NYC, we’re still doing our run at UCB–– come check us out at the Hell’s Kitchen location!)

My mom updated her picture wall in my parent’s new house and I made it on there! It’s a whole bunch of family wedding photos and.. me. Check out my Instagram for a photo of the wall. You can thank me, or really, my mom, later. ;)

Los Profesores got reviewed, check it out!!

We got a write up in the Village Voice. "Dizzy, fizzing duet" is an accurate description of my friendship with Pedro, and also feels like the right way to describe how my body reacts to carbonated drinks. 

See the full review here: https://www.villagevoice.com/datebook/#los-profesores-en-vacaciones


My friend Pedro and I wrote a "SPANK" (a trial show for a run at UCBT) and today's our show day!! Los Profesores ¡En Vacaciones! is a 30 minute high school Spanish lesson but way more insane and wayyy more adult/dark/silly. Take your pick, it's that!! 

6:30 at UCBT Hell's Kitchen TONIGHT! 

LosProfesores vacation with words .jpg