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Los Profesores ¡En Vacaciones! at the NYCF!

WE'RE DOING A SHOW at TBS’ NY comedy festival!! We’ve been selected for the “Best-of” UCB, and our show will be 7:30 on Friday November 9 at UCB Hell’s kitchen!! 555 west 42 st!



Los Profesores: ¡En Vacaciones! (Los Profesores: On Vacation!) is a Spanish sketch comedy show for English speakers. It's like your high school Spanish class but much, much dumber and way more insane. In this lesson, Los Profesores go on vacation and teach you all the Spanish you'll need to know for when you visit South America. After this show, you might be able to survive a mugging in Colombia, curse someone out in Mexico, and tell your Argentinian lover you haven't been tested! ¡Que chévere! (How fun!)



TICKETS HERE:  link coming! Check for updates! 

UCB FRANKLIN: 5919 Franklin Ave (in Los Angeles)