So much news!!

So much to tell! I've been busy enough that there's too much information for one post, but that's a happy problem :).

I recently performed in comedic sketches that are going to appear on MasMejor and Flama, respectively. Those are two amazing online platforms for Latina/o comedians, run by some people I really respect and admire, so that was exciting and I can't wait to see the videos! Woohoo!

I booked and shot a commercial this past week. It was a blast, the crew was amazing, and I got to play around with some awkward moment favorite!

My video editor is putting the final touches on a sketch video I wrote and starred in all about doing your taxes. Topical!! Tune back in for that video soon!

I've also been busy performing with Pedro Alcocer, the other half of my Spanish improv duo "Los Profesores": Spanish improv for an English-speaking audience. We've been teaching Spanish to people in comedy venues all over the city and it has been so DIVERTIDO*!           *Fun

Last, but certainly not least, the short film I co-starred in along with Neva Howell, "Epilogues," has officially been announced as a selection at the Nashville Film Festival. I'm so excited for the world to finally see this film, which tells an honest and heartbreaking story of two people grappling with friendship and loneliness.