New Year New ME! (Jk, if I changed that much in a week it would honestly be concerning..)

BUT, here are some updates!! Several projects I was thrilled to work on should be coming out this spring--look out for announcements as I get more info!! 

I'm excited to say my UCB Maude team "The Foundation" was kept together as a team and getting another year run at the new Hell's Kitchen theatre. Our first show in the new space is January 22, check us out!! (the new theatre is on 42 St. btwn 10/11 aves)

One of my New Year's resolutions was to put out a character or impression every day. You can check them out on Instagram by following 365Ericas. As I promise there: most will be dumb, many will be improvised and poorly lit, and all will be by me. Happy watching! (or cringing--we're all in this together!)